It’s 6.37am, June 14th 2019.

I’m only 37 minutes into my 12hr shift. As I sit here staring at a row of 12 stainless steel tanks from the plant control room waiting for the maintenance team to release a part of the plant back to the manufacturing team. I just realise how fast the year has been, plenty of things have been thrown my way both at work and at home. Some good, some not so good, but overall it’s been a good one. Thinking back over the past few months with the Crop Cruisers team has been a fairly busy one.

We finished filming back last October for one of our DVD’s but due to a change in circumstance with the contractor involved we are back filming with the team again this year hopefully with bigger and better things to come from it (oh and yes it certainly is so far).

We had a very serious issue with our Facebook page been hacked. This lead to a major drop off in activity on the page but thankfully our members stayed with us and after months of working both Facebook and the Gardai our page is back under our full control and normal service has resumed. We also recently updated out Snapchat account with Brendan & Stephanie playing a blinder. Expect more over the next weeks and months from all our social media accounts. Our website has been given an overhaul and will feature a lot more over the coming weeks and months.

We also had the pure pleasure to visiting two great machinery companies. Farmhand Ltd in Dublin & Broughan Engineering in Tullow County Carlow. We thank them both for their time in allowing us to call, interview some of their team and seeing their fine facilities. Both visits will feature in our upcoming DVD’s and on our Youtube page.

Updates to cameras (both video and still), Go Pros, Osmos and drones were made over the down period of the winter. New audio recording kit was also added along with new video editing software added to the arsenal so we are where we want to be on that front.

The new filming season started with a bag as we met up with both of our new contractors who will feature in our future productions. Filming 3 crews will put a lot of pressure on the camera team who are juggling work, exams, personal life and the weather to ensure we get what we want to get on film and that Irish Farmers and Contractors doing what they do best. Capturing the good and sometimes the not so good.

So far things have worked out well. First cut silage has been more or less been completed. The real test will come when the grain harvest starts and it coincides with second cut silage. Some of us could end up being divorced before we even get married.

The door opening of control room snaps me back to reality. The maintenance team are finished, all is good, we are back online and we easy back into production. Better go do some work, only 11 hours 22 minutes left in the shift.

Till next time, stay safe and #bootdowndriveon