For the Blog. Sunday evening, raining outside, cows milked and the 9 o clock news is on the tv. Half an hour until the Sunday Game and I find myself drawn to the window where I can see our Black Magnum and it hits me square between the eyes how far we have come in three years and what we have achieved.

It hasn’t been easy by any means. Juggling family life, farm life and then The Crop Cruisers. 99% of the battle is having the perfect crew and we have that. Everyone rows in when needed, everyone has an equal say and opinions are always discussed and taken on board.

As a business model, The Crop Cruisers is what you would refer to as a volatile one, its completely at the mercy of others purchasing our merchandise. But it works. It works because we’re just 8 regular people that also have day jobs. It works because each one of us is constantly accessible. It works because we all have a common goal. And it works because there is 66 thousand people out there that enjoy what we do.

Every 3 months, I set out a goal for myself to hit certain targets across Social Media. This month has been absolutely off the wall. Our page reached over 3 million people. Half of those (1.5 million) engaged with the page. That’s numbers I never thought we would hit so soon. But we have and rather than rest on our laurels, we’re going to feed it another gear and kick on.

By now, it’s no secret that we’re working with Munster Rugbys, Arno Botha and Chris Cloete. Both ex Springboks and both fans of all things Agri related. Needless to say, there are some eyebrow raising moments when we arrive into a field but reactions are great and we’re all loving life. Its created a bit of a stir within the Munster PreSeason camp. Will there be more players joining us ? Wait and see 😎.

So as the rain eases off, it’s time I get away from this keyboard and down to the Magnum to tweak a few pieces on her. Sure, it’s not to everyone’s taste. But we wanted to build a tractor that we would be happy to spend 18 hours a day in if needed be. And we done that. 246hp on the shaft, luxury seat inside complete with it’s own screen feeding us the tractors performance, 360 degree LED lighting and its Black. Few more bits and she’ll be ripping up a field near you soon.

F*ck, it’s raining again