Four weeks in, and the grain harvest is about 40% of the way being completed in some parts of the country. Other parts are a bit behind this but by in large a good start has been made.

Winter Barley and Winter Oats have been more or less cleared from the fields. Winter Oil Seed Rape is being put to the knife. Some tillage farmers have had a nibble into both Winter Wheat and Spring Barley but by in large the bulk of these crops are still a bit away from being cut. Winter Beans, Spring Beans, Spring Oil Seed Rape and Spring Wheat are still all a good bit away from being ripe.

The filming crew have been busy the last few weeks. As predicted the start harvest and second cut silage have come at the same time and has led to a few, let’s call them “late evenings”, it was still bright when we were leaving the field. For the most part things have worked out well but as usual in this country Mother Nature has taken a dislike to us and virtually everything has ground to a halt this weekend (09th August 2019, 2 inches of rain fall locally, here in North Cork).

Thankfully it allows the filming team to catch their breath, clean gear and recharge both physical and mental batteries and be reintroduced to our partners, who seem to think we have started an affair with either a Claas or a New Holland. The downtime also allows us to have a good examination of the footage we have got so far and also allows us put a plan together to get the footage we need get or need to reshoot when the weather comes back on side and things kick off again.

Looking back at some of the footage we already have in the can, it makes us all here at the Crop Cruisers team realise how lucky we are to be working such a great bunch of Farmers and Contractors. Anything we have suggested has been no problem and suggestions from the crews we have been working with have worked out fantastically as well. We have to thank them all for help, assistance and allowing us to capture them at work.

So as we wait for the weather clear we can relax knowing we are happy with what were have filmed so far but also knowing what we need to get.

Till next time, stay safe and #bootdownanddriveon