Little did we know.

Little did we know last September 2019 that it would start raining and forget to stop raining till March of 2020.

Little did we know 6 weeks ago that a virus named Covid-19 would place most of the world’s population in lockdown and stretch the world’s health care and scientific community’s ability to respond.

The undoubted huge work being put in by those in the front line medical services have saved countless lives by their unwavering courage in helping those who are suffering from this virus. Our Doctors, Nurses, HCA’s, Paramedics, EMT’s, Hospital Cleaners, Porters, Medical Laboratory Technicians  and anyone else in the Health Services, they are the real hero’s in the battle in this pandemic and we want say thank you.

The members of An Garda Siochana (the Irish Police Force for those not based in Ireland), The Defence Forces, The National Ambulance Service, Our Fire & Rescue Services, the Civil Defence, the Volunteer Medical Services, Coast Guard and anyone helping out at this critical time for our country. A huge word of thanks to you also.

Little did the average person in the world release that how important farming and food processing and supply chains now are and will be in the future, as we and our families rely on them at least 3 times a day to eat. Farmers and all those involved in food processing have kept the show on the road of the past number of weeks. Cows have been milk, calves and lambs have been born, fields have been tilled and crops planted (in what perhaps has been the best spring conditions in years). Milk has been collected and processed. Marts have been closed and reopened with a new way of operating. Animals for meat have been processed and the meat has been shipped to markets both at home and abroad (yes export and food service markets are in uncharted ground but we will bounce back even better than before).

This goes to show how resilient and adoptable our agri and food processing sectors are and as a nation we should be proud of this fact. We product some of the best food products in the world and having working in the processing sectors for years, I for one am extremely proud of it.

Well what have the Crop Cruisers team being doing? Well the short answer is we have been playing the waiting games. We played a waiting games since last September when it started raining and when it spotted in early March we were preparing to get going again. Tentative signs of movement from the teams we were following and Spring Tillage was about to start. The night of the 27th March, lock down and the shutters came down on most of the country and rightly so they came down to help contain the spread of the virus. We as a filming team have sat tight and we will do so until our health authorities give us the green light to do so again. It throws out our time table for releasing our DVD’s but like everything else that has been thrown at us we will overcome this as well.

Until such time as the restrictions we remind everyone that can, stay at home and help contain the spread of the virus. Those that have to work, stay safe and thank you for the work you are doing. And finally to everyone ensure you look after yourselves and those around you.

Till next time (a lot more regular from now on), for those essential works. stay safe and #bootdownanddriveon and for everyone else stay safe and #stayathome